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The rush on laptops impacts education

That rush on laptops as the world pivoted to work from home, combined with manufacturing and distribution slowdowns in China?    It’s causing a problem for education.

Data from Consumer Tech group NPD Group says sales are up 20 to 40% each week, and education channel sales were pulled forward into March and April with no slowdown.    The result is a lack of supply to satisfy the needs of remote learning.

Also of note – the existing supplies were loaned out, including older devices, resulting in much more wear-and-tear, accelerating the upgrade / replacement cycle.

Why do we care?

We simply are not fully aware of the ripple effect the move to remote work may have caused.  Here’s one.    

The supply chain is clearly not “back to normal”, and additionally, has not rebalanced itself with changes in demand.    Continue planning for longer delays, and work with customers ahead of time on their needs.  There’s opportunity in education – if it can be met.

And think ahead to the holiday season too.     

Source: Axios