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Epic v Apple Escalates

An update on that battle between Epic Games and Apple.      Apple is threatening to terminate Epic’s developer account in two weeks if they do not comply with the rules.    Apple has stated they will not make an exception for the company, and that they need to revert to their previous versions to comply with the guidelines they agreed to.

Why do we care?

Removal of Epic from the developer program would impact their ability to work on the Unreal Engine, which is heavily used across gaming, and has started to be used in film with programming like The Mandalorian and Westworld.      The tools would be available on Windows, and so it’s hard to know how extensive the impact is.

That said, it’s a serious escalation of the spat, which is intentionally designed to be playing out in the court of public opinion.  

I’m still interested in this on the way to think about these solutions.  Take away gaming, and think about the delivery of other services – will the app store model be changed for the purchase of goods or services in this way?     That’s the service provider impact I’m watching.  

Source: The Verge