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Cloud Channels Analysis: Retail and Ecommerce Leader

Data analyst Canalys has released their Cloud Channels Analysis Service, looking at the top cloud service providers performance in the retail and ecommerce sectors.    Their findings?

Google Cloud appears in the leader zone of the company’s vertical assessment model.    Microsoft Azure, AWS and Alibaba Cloud were rated as advanced in the study.  

Why do we care?

The headline on this article got my attention, saying Google Cloud was “number one cloud service provider in retail.”  That’s not what this study says numerically – it rates the analysts thinking on the capabilities and strategy.   

That said, let’s not focus on a view of market position but instead the commentary on the space.  Analysts note that AWS has experience in retail, but Amazon is a competitor.  It’s sensible that retail doesn’t want to put more money in Amazon’s pockets, and thus it may be a non starter.

Thus our takeaway is about industries.   Your expertise will be in mapping the technology to the need, and one factor is the industry itself.   AWS may be a market leader in size, but may be a whole lot less appealing to retail customers – or other related industries.   Remember to map to a specific industry when making recommendations, as that is your value add. 

Source: ChannelLife NZ