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Broadband Speeds in the Pandemic

Laptops are only once piece – connectivity the other. Broadband search has provided some new insights into internet speeds.    Highlights of their research:

  • Ninety-nine out of the one hundred largest cities in the US saw an increase in median download speeds.
  • Six saw their download speeds double.
  • Fifty eight saw an increase of between 50 and 100 percent in download speed

Why do we care?

The internet did not break.    That’s the lesson.   The study itself recognizes that it focuses on the top 100 cities and is thus a study of the densely populated areas.

What isn’t discussed here is affordability of that connectivity nor access to rural areas.    The economic divide related to connectivity is real.

Thus we care because if we want to deliver services via technology, we can eliminate the worry about the internet holding up, but need to address the access across economic divide to expand the customer base for services as well as ensure access to everyone.   It’s good for business and the right thing to do.

Source: Broadband Search