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NinjaRMM announces Ninja Data Protection

NinjaRMM has launched Ninja Data Protection, which is a home-grown backup and disaster recovery platform for providers.

Why do we care?

I’m including this story pretty reluctantly, although with a purpose.   NinjaRMM has revealed their strategic path – and it’s boring.  

When they look out at the landscape, at all of the problems they could solve, the one they decided needed their attention… was backup.  Because what the world really needs is another backup solution.   This is really uncharted space, you know.  Nobody playing there.

No, what this says is that they aren’t a disruptive player trying to change the game, but instead they are just playing it like everyone else.   They took equity money from Summit Partners in March 2020… and so. They are running that equity playbook.  


I had included them in my thinking of small, upstart player.    I appear to be wrong.    This is just a “me too” move.

I care because they haven’t answered this question – What makes this offering different?  Are you trying to grow the market?  Or are you just trading customers with the other competitors.   Why DO we care?

Source: Channel E2E