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Epic Games picks a fight with Apple and Google

The tech world was abuzz yesterday with the moves by Epic Games related to Apple and Google.   Epic pushed a server-side update that allowed users to buy V-bucks, the in game currency, directly from Epic rather than the Apple App Store.    And so, Apple removed the app from the store.. and promptly as hit with a lawsuit, and a particularly good viral video that was a parody of the company’s famous 1984 ad.

Google also moved to remove the app from their store, and Epic sued them too.

Why do we care?

First off, take a look at Epic’s incredibly well coordinated PR messaging.   Just brilliantly executed.  

They picked the fight in a coordinated, well executed manner – and this is right after the anti-trust hearings.    

Now, why do providers care about this?   I predict we’re moving into the endgame portion of the antitrust battles, although that is not to imply it will move quickly.    I’d expect some changes to the App Store to come.  Those policy changes are what we’re interested in, particularly as we put this in context of the consideration of Google, Amazon and Facebook too… all under government scrutiny.

And we care because let’s observe that Epic simply made changes to their own servers.    How do you define an “app” versus a “web site” versus “web service”.   Removing the gaming element, you can see how web services will be managed too.      Business apps delivered via mobile – that’s the angle we care about.