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Chromebook and Smartphone growth data show a potentially underserved market

Let’s take a look at the device market.

Google reported data that sales of Chromebooks grew 127 percent year over year in the second quarter, compared with just 40 percent for Windows and Mac laptops.    

Meanwhile, Canalys is reporting the smartphone market saw an 11% quarter on quarter increase in US shipments in the second quarter – but this is still a 5% year on year decline.   

And Bloomberg is reporting that the Apple subscription bundle previously rumored is being readied.  Called “Apple One”, it could come as early as October, and will include different tiers.     The tiers are focused on the consumer product set, with the basic including Apple Music and AppleTV+, with add ons for Apple Arcade, News+, and iCloud storage.

Why do we care?

Let’s address the Apple news first – I had posited that Apple might move into a managed services style bundle.  That’s not what is coming here.  That’s not to say they don’t have the pieces, it just isn’t this.   We’ll keep watching this space.

Now, onto the other data.   It’s the Chromebook data that interests me – was that because of supply chain issues during the move to work from home, and so everything flew off the shelves, or is this because these devices are mainstream.  That’s the concern… but more importantly, short term, there are lot more of these devices out there. 

The traditional services market – often MSPs – may be missing a real opportunity here.   In my thinking of the MSP of the future, I include these devices.    Do you?  That’s why I care.

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