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Which technologies will show growth in the next six to 12 months?

Next, we have data from TechAisle, looking at which technologies are being accelerated.  From the study, quote “Techaisle studied global SMBs to determine future, planned and likely adoption patterns of several technology areas. The study of SMB and Midmarket digital transformation trends identified top 15 technology categories where the adoption growth rates will likely be highest in the next six months to a year.”

The surprises?   Chatbots, 5G, open source, and AI.   

Why do we care?

Here are the technologies you can deliver that bring additional business value.  While I loathe the digital transformation buzz word, if simply the principles are applied, these technologies are the ones that are delivering real business value.

In the analysis, the reasons why several technologies were adopted shows the pattern – “Customer responsiveness”, “Enhanced mobility”, “customer experience”.    Each is about making employees and customers  “More”…. More productive, efficient, engaged, whatever perspective.

It’s cliché, but ensuring you’re driving “more”… profits, revenue, sales, members, whatever your customers do, that’s the lens.   And here’s a researched list of 15 technologies to consider in your toolbox.

Source: TechAisle