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Playing MSP Tetris: How to figure out which products fit where?

This week, a question from a Patreon supporter. The question:

How to best play “MSP Tetris”

How do you get vendors to understand how all of their tools fit together?

The challenge is trying to understand how all these potential tools will interact and avoid overlap. The Patreon found other vendors struggle when asked how their product fits with others in a comprehensive security stack. They focus on what they do, but not in context.

The Patreon ended up mapping all of their current solutions to the NIST CSF and that provided clarity to spot gaps, but was a lot of work to put together. If vendors helped to map their solutions to NIST CSF at the outset, it would make the assessment of solutions much, much easier.”

So, how do we map these tools, and can we get vendors to contribute to that work?

Bonus episode with Guidance releases on Sunday, August 9th on the podcast feed, or you can check out the YouTube Video right here: