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Microsoft ends support for xCloud on iOS

Microsoft has ended support for xCloud on iOS after the time for the beta program has ended, although the company indicates it is committed to the platform.  The reason?  Apple’s app store policy requires individual submission of each playable game for review and approval.  

Why do we care?

Here’s why you care about a gaming application – I’ve spoken before about how I envision deploying streaming applications using this technology.   

I’d love to hear from a Citrix expert here and tell me about their approach, because what’s the difference between Citrix streaming apps and streaming games?      Because Citrix is allowed in the app store.

From my vantage point, it does expose some of the problems in Apple’s approach to the app store, although that isn’t why technology services companies care.  They care to watch how Microsoft’s investments in streaming applications works, as I continue to think that managing this out of Microsoft’s cloud is the strategy across the board, driving more and more workloads into Azure.  Gaming is just a small piece of it.

Source: Engadget