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Facebook extends work from home until 2021

Facebook has joined the growing list of technology companies that have indicated that they will not be returning to the office until July 1, 2021.  The company has joined Google and Uber on the list.

Why do we care?

This is very pro worker – it lets families make plans for an entire school year, and removes uncertainty on one element of people’s lives in a time where so much is uncertain.   

I’ve talked about an analysis lens that I use for companies, which is my three L’s.   Leadership, Laggard, and Lost their Mind.    The last one is obvious.  Laggard is not the negative, it simply is those companies that are following.   Leaders are the ones setting clear paths.

I think that there is a big opportunity here for any size company to be a leader and set the tone by removing uncertainty.      This is a lever you can pull pretty easily within your own organization, giving your team and customers that stability going forward.     The key is a solid plan for a period of time.    These leaders are building a safe, executable plan that matches their employees needs.  Learn from that.

Source: Vox