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SaaS adoption in SMB

TechAisle reporting on the growing SaaS market—80% of those in SMB surveyed are planning to expand SaaS adoption, and may add applications in 5 to 10 SaaS categories, and thus despite the pandemic.  Why the increase?    Line of business applications, productivity, and collaboration applications.

From the piece, quote “The deepening force of SaaS within the global SMB market cannot be taken lightly. The scope of SaaS impact mirrors the scope of activity in the SMB business itself. SaaS is being meaningfully applied to IT operations, to core business functions and to customer-facing tasks.“

Why do we care?

For those who are preaching opportunity in business services – myself included – this is data that proves the point.  It’s happening.    The real value for technology services companies is helping make this work, and those that do this by measuring on business outcomes will really outpace the others.

This is not a technical skillset, however – make sure you have the right people for this.    If you’re a small provider, this may end up being you the business owner as the only resource. 

Source: TechAisle