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ConnectWise IT Nation goes virtual

ConnectWise’s IT Nation has gone virtual.

Why do we care?

Well, duh.  Of course it has.   If you’re not bringing people back into the office, you’re not doing shows.  And how many tech companies have said they are keeping employees home until NEXT summer.    These shows aren’t happening.    Don’t believe they will.

Today, we care for an interesting reason – how many of these shows will survive?      I ask because depending on the vendor’s strategy, different ones will make it and others will go away.   I’ve been tracking the large number of these conference organizers who are charging the exact same prices for their physical experiences.    Why? They have to cover the revenue they expected.   But the equation has changed, and they aren’t delivering at the same level.

And most of these are awful – they are fork lifting the physical experience into virtual, and it just doesn’t work, so the ROI isn’t the same.    This isn’t sustainable.  

Source: Channel E2E