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More insights into the rise in tablet use and how we can leverage it

A bit more color to the data yesterday around tablet growth.    Canalys has released updated data – while tablets did grow by 26% during Q2 of 2020, desktop PC shipments dropped by an equivalent 26% — and notebooks grew 24%.  

The analyst attributes the tablet demand due to their fit to remote work and education, as well as incentives from carriers.

But how is satisfaction?

Pulling from CIO Dive, in the transition away from the physical office, 86% of employees say they understand the role of IT and 88% are satisfied with IT’s performance, per June data

Two-thirds of workers say the IT department has updated its priorities within the last three months. By contrast, 15% of employees were never updated on the company’s IT priorities.

About four in 10 respondents say IT spoke with them in the last month regarding top IT priorities and projects. Another 28% of respondents say similar conversations took place within the last three months.

Why do we care?

The effort to move business to work from home was monumental, well executed, and I would expect very profitable.      It also left customers with a very positive impression of IT.  This is all good news.

It’s also not a long term sustained strategy.   It presents one, however.     There is likely an awful lot of cleanup required right now – making sure those rapidly deployed Work from Home options are managed well, the security risk mitigated, new education of those employees, and policies and procedures in place for ongoing management.    I’ve presented data on the show a number of times about how long this is going to last.  Do not assume this is temporary, and so start leveraging that good will into the efforts needed now to maintain it over time.   

Source: Venture Beat

Source: CIO Dive