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July 30th Security Roundup

Blocking and tackling news.

On events,

The Consumer Electronics Show will be online only for 2021.  The show, the worlds largest tech show normally in January, was announced on Monday. 

Amazon’s re:invent, scheduled Nov 30 to Dec 4, is now virtual, stretching from Nov 30 to December 18.

On Security,

Kaspersky’s threat intelligence report indicates that advanced persistent threat groups (or, constant criminal groups), have diversified their attacks.     Each group has expanded their tool kits,  essentially adding new weapons to their arsenals.  

Microsoft now detects CC Cleaner as a potentially unwanted application (or PUA) in Microsoft Defender.

And, here’s your new acronym – Managed Detection and Response, or MDR.    Gartner says by 2024 40% of midsized organizations will use MDR, and IDC has called it the next generation of managed services.  The distinction – MDR is not defined by technologies, but instead by specific security goals or use-cases.

Why do we care?

I want to comment on events again – I can think of several vendors who still believe they are having physical events this fall.   I am here to break of your delusion.     Get with the program.

The threats are getting stronger…. And the new acronyms are just adding to this.   MDR just sounds like more of the same to me.   I’m critical of a technology solution to ultimately a human problem.   

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