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TechAisle weighs in on Lenovo

Closing with a follow up.  Last week I reported on the Lenovo Managed Services offerings, and TechAisle has their take on it, which includes a number of useful stats. 

Some useful stats:

TechAisle found that maintenance and support consumes 77% of SMB IT staff time, leaving only 23% of time for transformation initiatives.

Nearly half of maintenance and support cycles are dedicated to PCs.

More than a decade of TechAisle SMB survey research data shows that only 3% of small businesses have full-time internal IT staff.

Even within midmarket firms, average number of support staff is 22 which is 1/20th of an enterprise business.

TechAisle managed services research data shows that 74% of SMBs expect a single point of contact from their managed services provider. 

Why do we care?

The core value of delivering outsourced technology services is summed up in those data points.

If we take the theme of the day, which is that high value services around data are the best, and that configuration management is the key, that shows how Lenovo’s offerings are interesting as they can allow a small provider to focus on those transformation initiatives too, which they may not be able to based on simply focusing so much on the infrastructure themselves.    

Line these stories up and you see trend and opportunity. 

Source: TechAisle