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Work from home is all the rage

The Wall Street Journal has a long piece about the coming “Work from Home Revolution”, and noting it is just getting started, estimating that the number of Americans working solely from home has doubled and perhaps tripled during this pandemic.     Gartner reports 82% of corporate leaders will allow work from home at least some of the time, and 47% indicate they will allow full time remote work.   

Five lessons are explored – First, using the tech you have.  Second, focusing on people contact.  Third, the changing workday. Fourth, potential new perks, and fifth, going slow.  

Adding to that, Google has announced they are keeping employees at home until Summer 2021.  

CNBC is reporting that a number of companies are pushing tech employees to take vacations after delaying them due to the pandemic.   Chegg, Docusign, RingCentral and ServiceNow are among those that have added additional vacation time in the past few months. 

Why do we care?

Just because everyone moved home right away does not mean the impact is fully understood nor are we done.   

My thinking is two parts.  First, as I mentioned on Friday, there is an opportunity to invest in your own company culture and find those critical differentiators to build a new culture in the world of remote working (which, incidentally, is here for a while).     New perks, new procedures, and the like.

Second, this is a conversation to take to your customers, because moving into these business discussions changes from a technology conversation to a business one.  There’s real value here, and you can take that research you’re doing for your own organization and then apply it with customers.    

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