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What is the state of remote work, and how can it be a competitive advantage?

A new Dice report, The State of Remote Work, updates the views of working remotely.  Over 50% of organizations reported that 81% of more of their employees are working remotely during COVID-19.  According to the report, more than half of respondents say working from home is easier, more relaxed, and more productive.   And 49% cite “avoiding office politics” as a benefit.

And, 72% are happy with how their employer has handled the crisis.  

Why do we care?

For me, this data is really lacking the context of child care.  In the show notes I include a link to a Vox article about this – more stories than data, the real crisis is not in just moving people home, but in making sure it’s not ignoring the reality of the situation.

Focus is the key for making telework successful – and this report doesn’t give the insight into that.      I suspect it’s masking a lot of problems – and note, only about half say working from home is easier, leaving the other slightly-less-than half saying it isn’t.

I continue to focus here for two reasons.

First, I think this is a competitive differentiator right now.   More than technology companies giving away free meals or new laptops, those that work with their teams and understand and manage the work from home situation will be incredibly successful and pull ahead from those that do not.

Second, the larger question about the economy is driven not only by “are these places able to reopen” but do we have solutions to this problem.      That’s why I focus on the first reason – because it creates opportunity within the larger economy.  

Source: Tech Republic

Source: Vox