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What’s the market doing and the link to politics.

Forrester has released guidance on two views of the market – analysts and vendors and investors.

Forrester’s analysis generally links GDP to software growth, and estimated that software purchases in the US will drop by 7% in the US.     The new revision says a 3% drop.   Those vendors themselves are not projecting declines in revenue.    But the article notes – “expectations for double-digit revenue growth in 2020 rest on hopes that the US and other economies will recover quickly in the third or fourth quarters of this year. 

The European channel has Q2 data – per data from Context, Western Europe distributors indicate the region grew 14% year on year.  

Why do we care?

We care because the state of the economy is going to really matter for whatever outlook – and I included Europe to contrast.   In Europe, where the state of the pandemic is more carefully managed, the economy is doing better.  In the US, where it is not, the projections are not as good.

This isn’t a politics podcast.  We did just collide with that edge.    Getting the virus under control drives the business growth – and should be a priority for business owners who want a strong economy.     The sooner that happens, the better for business. 

Source: ChannelE2E

Source: Computer Weekly