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Microsoft Inspire Top Stories Roundup

Microsoft Inspire is going on, so let’s round up some of the bigger announcements.

Microsoft Teams is giving third party app developers the ability to integrate into the meeting experience, with the ability to display content within calls.    Microsoft 365 is getting a number of new security capabilities, giving more visibility and improved data protection.  

The Office UI is expected to be redesigned, with a focus on a new simplified toolbar, with teases of the changes shown this week.

And at Inspire, Microsoft and SolarWinds announced the integration of Intune managed devices into their N-central and RMM technologies.

And while not announced at Inspire, a virtualization service called “Cloud PC”, which is built on Windows Virtual Desktop, will offer a managed by Microsoft, sold for a flat per user price – per a job description listed.     The key difference for Cloud PC is the pricing – sold for a set subscription fee, versus WVD’s Azure consumption model.

Why do we care?

A fully managed cloud PC offering from Microsoft is quite compelling.   Priced per user, and managed by Microsoft, this is ideal for many managed services providers… particularly those who are thinking about focusing just on business applications and not on infrastructure management.    

Here’s where that gets super interesting.    If you’re a SolarWinds partner, and now you add Intune into your core management suite…. You actually have a pretty clear migration path to move to Microsoft completely and away from your legacy products.     As Microsoft becomes more core, here’s a bridge between the two.  I’m sure SolarWinds is betting they will remain relevant and important in this equation, and short term this could be a good win for them on the steppingstone away.

It gets more interesting in the next story…..

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