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The real versus perceived impact of ransomware

NinjaRMM and Coveware surveyed MSPs to understand the impact of ransomware crime.     Their findings:

  • 35% had cited damages of more than $1M.
  • 40% could not endure more than $500,000… and 23% couldn’t withstand even $50K.

More striking – those who have not experienced an event significantly underestimated the churn of customers when compared to those who had experienced an event and measured the loss of customers.    And no one is able to limit downtime to 48 hours or less.

Why do we care?

This is really scary.     “Unless you’ve felt the pain you don’t know the pain”.     One would hope that knowing about the problem would be enough.  The data is not saying that.

This kind of damage is far worse and far more costly that one anticipates, and if you have not experienced it, assume it’s worse than you think.

If I was a technology provider today, this would be my number one concern.  

Source: Security Boulevard