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Is the cloud and digital transformation a real link?

New data from TechAisle reinforces how digital transformation and cloud are linked – while those executing on cloud believe in digital transformation, the data says it isn’t just cloud that does it.  Only 44% of SMBs on the digital transformation maturity curve are also mature cloud adopters.

From the research, “Techaisle SMBs digital transformation research revealed that although businesses are investing in cloud solutions, there is a deep-rooted belief and position to continually invest in core modern infrastructure solutions to support emerging technologies that deliver new and previously unimaginable business outcomes.

Why do we care?

I’m so being forced to use the terminology digital transformation.   And I totally hate it.     I maintain that digital transformation is a consultant buzz word for the advancement you always have to do in your business.

That said, the disconnect between cloud and digital transformation is significant.  It would be easy to assume the two are naturally linked, and that appears not to be the case.  

I’d argue that an investment in the cloud is one way and one component to execute on digital transformation.  It’s also not the only one, which is the key takeaway here.  Cloud alone isn’t enough.   

Source: TechAisle